Sustainable Growth is a central goal of any organization that wishes to be among the best in its class.


Competition, globalization, evolving consumer behaviour and laws are rapidly transforming the way companies have to work in order to achieve growth.

Frederick & Simon believes that today's leaders need to incorporate growth as an overarching theme in most if not all activities they undertake.

In support of this, Frederick & Simon offers the following seminars addressing several key areas of organizational effectiveness, with growth as the theme:

  • Growth through Customer Loyalty 
  • Growth through Excellence in Business Development 
  • Growth through Change and Collaboration
  • Growth through Employee Engagement & Loyalty
  • Growth through Self-Development & Self-Awareness
  • Growth through Proximity Management

Participants benefit from these seminars by:

  • Gaining a greater understanding of their impact on growth
  • Learn tools and techniques to increase effectiveness

The seminars are offered for groups of any size. 

Testimonials for Frederick & Simon Seminars:

  • “Very Relevant Information” - Joey
  • “Authenticity of information Delivery” - Jason
  • “Amazing Communication & Relating to Real Life... Made an Unpleasant Topic Amusing” - Defne
  • “Tips for Motivation Employees and Co-Workers was my Biggest take-away. The “words matter” segment really resonated with me" - Kara
  • “Presenter was Outstanding” - Bernie 
  • "Marc did a great job engaging the entire room and maintained a level of energy that kept the audience entertained while learning the relevant content" - Kaylyn