Both, Elon Musk and the IMF's managing director, Christine Lagarde are speaking the same language when it comes to carbon tax. Musk believes strongly that carbon emitters have been operating with a "hidden subsidy" deprived of a legitimate carbon tax to help quell pollution. A carbon tax could potentially take the form of a “revenue neutral” tax—balanced by lower taxes elsewhere. Waiting any longer "is the dumbest experiment in history," according to Musk. Lagarde, is also promoting a "wise tax" for carbon … "With a fairer carbon price, energy savings will be encouraged and demand strengthened for cleaner energy sources and 'greener' investments." Elon Musk's Carbon Tax ConceptIMF's Lagarde - "Wise Tax". I am glad to know that Ontario legislators share a similar objective, which should bolster our investment in cleaner technologies. -Read on further for some additional insights. Ontario Cap and Trade