Areas of Competence


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Preserving corporate heritage is vital for professional legal, accounting, architecture and engineering service firms. We help highly-skilled experts across Southern Ontario to deepen their client relationships and provide differentiation and orientation within their selected geographies.  


Energy: Oil & Gas and Power Generation

For clients looking to expand their market throughout Canada, U.S., Europe, MENA and South America, Frederick & Simon delivers high value access to global markets and the expertise to transform sales opportunities into results.


Specialty Manufacturing

We provide specialty manufacturers experience in sales performance improvement and revenue growth through our proprietary approach to Sales Transformation & Enhancement, New Market Development, Strategic Planning & Advising and Corporate Evolution Planning.

 We focus on helping our industrial clients in Canada, U.S. and Europe renovate their sales force and processes, launch new products or service, and stage businesses for their next evolution.



We provide global healthcare equipment, service and supply providers assistance in navigating the often complicated Canadian health care sector. Through structured stakeholder relationship management and bid coordination services, Frederick and Simon facilitates access to this market.